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Ulrika Jonsson Vow Renewal for Hello Magazine shot by Alan Strutt

We were ecstatic to be invited by Alan Strutt to work with him in Barbados on snapping the wedding vow renewals of television presenter Ulrika Jonsson and her husband Brian Monet. It was an amazing four days spent together with the couple’s family and crew in the stunning resort of Apes Hill, St James. We are honoured to have been a part of this shoot and assisted Alan Strutt in capturing a truly magical day full of love and happiness for Hello magazine. Congratulations to Alan for his outstanding photography once again!

Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Flattery

With the modelling and photography industry expanding daily, competition is at its most competitive. No matter how good you are at your craft, there’s that inner feeling of insecurity that knows someone else could do ‘it’ better. Of course not helped when people steal your ideas or business models (something I see happening all of the time) but it’s learning how to overcome these insecutiries that ultimately makes you the stronger and better creative. Some decide to change what they’re doing and invent something new to keep others guessing, or, like myself, you can take it as a compliment and strive to do better.

I am very dedicated to my job and apply immense pressure to succeed at what I do; I have sat in tears many times wallowing in the sheer unfairness of someone that has poached my clients, copied my business model or even just the fear of either of those things happening. But it was my Fiance who convinced me to stop and realise if people want to imitate you then obviously they believe in you and what you’re doing, and if anything, it should encourage you to do even better.

So my thoughts are forget the photographer who shot a similar picture to you or the model who had their hair cut the same- who cares? Think of yourself as an inspiration who in turn is inspired. I am inspired every day by people, nature, clothes, make-up, general things I see- good and bad. I would be the first to say when I create moodboards for shoots the first thing I do is flick through magazines or go on to Google images and pull off those that I thought, “wow”, but haven’t we all? Otherwise, how do classic magazines such as Vogue remain on the shelves? Do we not use them as references for fashion, style, and in our industry, influential ideas? If you were to ask any photographer, art director, stylist, hair and make-up artist or model why they decided to create what they have on a shoot, I guarantee somewhere there will be an influence. What’s important is taking that influence and putting your own spin on it- failure to do so is summed up by Sir Joshua Reynolds, ‘a mere copier of nature can never produce anything great.’

Fay x

Anna Fowler Phenomenon

Anna Fowler came on board the UK Model Folios ship in July 2010- after spotting her images of the actress Emma Rigby we knew she could bring something different to our table. Back then she was reinventing a style, which had lost its way- making women look beautiful for them, as oppose to what others find beautiful. Her biggest transformations have been that of glamour models, whereby she has stripped away the typical ‘Nuts’ poses and styling to produce classic beauties with a high-end fashion look.

It’s been great to watch Anna grow as a photographer in both style and adventure. She has found her niche and creates the most beautiful images time and time again, having that true photographer nack that enables you to make the client look the best that she can in a photograph.

The thing people may miss, unless obviously indicated in a photograph is a story behind it- the following images are of those UK Model Folios clients shot by Anna that really stand out to me as falling in to that category. The sweet, shy pageant girl wanting to break in to modelling but not too sure whether she has what it takes, the heroine that escaped a life of domestic abuse, the fiesty Russian hotty with an insecure interior and the glamour model wanting to say it’s not just my body that is beautiful. Looking at the pictures I wonder if you’ll be able to decipher which story applies to which picture? The beauty is probably not and that’s what makes a great portfolio image.

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A Bonnie Wedding in Edinburgh- Mike and Julie Dalton-Lewis

ImageInitially UK Model Folios was created to prevent models wasting their hard-earned cash on poor quality portfolio shoots- but as time progressed we quickly realised boasting the photography talent we do, it was a shame not to spread our wings as far as possible. Since that moment we have gone on to extend our services to host calendar trips in luxury locations such as Thailand, capture treasured family moments for the walls, and shoot special occasions such as weddings.

One of our favourite weddings to date was The Dalton-Lewis celebrations, which took place in central Edinburgh. UK Model Folios met Julie (then) Dalton and Mike Lewis in April 2010 during a Hello magazine shoot in Barbados- after hitting it off over a few cocktails, we kept in touch and were honoured to be asked by Mike and Julie to shoot the most important day of their lives, their wedding in 2011. The reason this wedding was such a special day for us to be involved with not only stemmed from knowing the Dalton-Lewis’ already but more because they made us feel so special, just like one of the family. From being invited to the intimate Dalton dinner on the Friday evening at The New Club, to the concluding  family meal on the Sunday, it was a weekend full of love, laughter and true, genuine people- just what every couple hopes for their wedding to be; plus, much to the surprise of the happy couple, we had one of their favourite images published in Hello magazine’s wedding section!

UK Model Folios caught up with the bride Julie Dalton-Lewis, who just over a year on has celebrated her first anniversary with her husband and their beautiful Son, plus opened (the first of many we hope) their family restaurant, The Adamson in the sought-after St Andrews.

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Tell us a bit about your wedding day…

We both had a fabulous wedding weekend. On Friday 4th March;  Mike and his family and friends went to the Outsider Restaurant looking on to Edinburgh Castle from the old town. I, friends and family went to dinner at The New Club overlooking the castle from Princess Street. The champagne was flowing however it was home before midnight- a bride needs to look her best on her big Day. Saturday 5th March was perfect, hair salon with my best friends in the morning and then some girly time with my mum and bridesmaids getting ready at the family home. Mike threw an Usher breakfast in Tigerlily’s private room.  It was near 2pm and the vintage Bentley arrived outside. My mum left the house with a tear in her eye and Dad and I climbed into the Bentley.  It was a perfect time between father and daughter.






As we arrived at the Church the sun was gleaming and I couldn’t wait to walk down the aisle. The Bridesmaids Tammy, Kiesha & Alex followed flower girls Lucy, Ava and our son Charlie as page boy down the aisle



It was the most beautiful, perfect and important moment in my life went I said, ‘I do.’ As we signed the register my brother sang; ‘One Hand, One Heart.’ It was breathtaking. Mike walked me back down the aisle as his wife; I have never felt such joy


“We had fabulous photos taken of the family and friends at the church.”



We arrived at Princess Street gardens with Alan and Fay behind us in a cab. The location was perfect for some shots of us in Edinburgh. Alan and Fay made us feel very special, glamorous and relaxed. There are some gorgeous shots of us in the gardens


As we returned to the car the vintage Bentley wouldn’t start…. We called a cab and took off to the new club for some shots on the roof overlooking the Castle. We arrived at The Merchants’ Hall in another cab and joined our Guests at the Champagne reception. We had the most delightful Wedding Breakfast and danced the night away…




We met everybody the next day for lunch… It was just perfect from start to finish…

Why were the wedding photos a really important aspect of your wedding for you?

It really is a special moment in your life and to have it captured on camera by the best you know means you don’t have to worry about a thing. The image of Mike and I was very important for us both because we want to capture how big this day was for both of us, and also the love between us and the love we have for our family and friends. We didn’t want any moment to pass us by.

“It really is a special moment in your life and to have it captured on camera by the best you know”

What was it like having celebrity photographer Alan Strutt as your wedding photographer?

It was incredible. Alan very kindly took some pics of us in Barbados. Mike and I were new parents; Charlie was 10 weeks old in the shots. They are such beautiful photographers we have them enlarged and hanging in our home in Edinburgh. We just knew we wanted Alan to take our photos of our special day. We just crossed our fingers he would. I couldn’t believe when he said yes. Alan and Fay made us feel like we were walking on air on our Wedding Day. Boy did we laugh when the Vintage Bentley wouldn’t start… The four of us and the driver Bill sat in the car trying to start it on a Saturday afternoon in the middle of the most famous gardens in Edinburgh; Princess Street Gardens. Alan of course spotted the moment and started shooting away capturing part of our day that will never be forgotten.

Were you at all nervous about the wedding photos not going to plan?

No not with Alan and Fay leading the way. That was the best part- fabulous Fay and I discussed the style of shots we wanted indepth before the day so I knew I could completely relax and get what Mike and I so wanted.

Why do you feel it’s important for couples to have a reliable photography service such as UK Model Folios that they can depend on for their wedding day?

It is really a magical day for the Bride and Groom and their family and friends so to capture the memories and special moments of you day can make or break the memories you look at for the rest of your life! Alan and Fay have made our memories so special! Perfect.

How easy was it planning the concept of your wedding photos with Fay?

Very easy- Fay let me see some great ideas before the wedding day and we discussed at length the way the shots would look a month before Mike and I’s big day!

Did you have an idea of how you wanted your photos to look?

Yes, I think every bride has an idea of how they wish everything to look on the day. It makes it even better when you work with people who are so professional and make you feel at ease that what you dream of your wedding shots to look like will come true.

Did you feel that the team felt just as passionate about the big day as you did?

Yes, really we did.

Which was your favourite photo and why?

We love them all! Honestly, it’s difficult to choose.

Did UK Model Folios offer any other perks?

Yes, it was wonderful to be in Hello! Our friends loved it! Even people at the gym have stopped me and told me they saw it! How lovely?!

Apart from marrying the man of your dreams, what was your favourite part of your big day?

I loved the entire weekend. Friends and family joined us from all over the world. We had dinner at the New club on Friday with friends and family very close to my heart. The setting was perfect overlooking Edinburgh castle when it was all lit up. Alan and Fay took some photo’s there the next day. I loved getting ready with all my girlfriends at the beauty salon in the morning. I don’t remember having lunch but I remember my mother in law Kathryn bringing chocolates to the salon and Tammy pouring me a glass of fizz whilst we were doing our make up! The Church was fabulous and we had such a sunny day! What a laugh we had when the vintage car broke down. Alan and Fay kept shooting though! The receptionwas gorgeous as was the wedding breakfast and the midnight feast! The moments I will never forget will be the dancing! I danced all night! The band were amazing! Fay even caught the bouquet.

“Fay even caught the bouquet!”

Did Alan and Fay make you feel at ease on your big day?

Yes I loved having them there, it made me feel very at ease. I even had some make-up tips from Fay and the groom loved my make up!

“I even had some make-up tips from Fay and the groom loved my make-up!”

After working with Fay and Alan do you feel a bond with them?

Yes, I hope we work together again soon!

If you could describe your wedding pictures in three words what would they be and why?

Glamorous, Professional and atmospheric!

“The wedding looks super glamorous in the shots. The photos are so beautiful only an expert photographer could have made us look this good! All the shots tell the story of the day and show the atmosphere that was created.” Julie Dalton-Lewis

Shot of the Week: May 2012

We adore this shot taken from a mixture of fashion, lingerie and commercial portfolio images shot last week by Alan Strutt for aspiring model Holly May

The hair and make-up created by the phenomenal Jay ‘Pinxie’ Turbull sets off this Kate Upton, meets classic starlet inspired look.

Finished off with the magic touch of Fay L. Bacon who dreamt up this Jean Paul Gaultier blazer and matching basque, this image will surely set any portfolio alight!

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Model Ellie Jenas: Sunset Shoot

Love this shot of stunning model and WAG, Ellie Jenas captured by Alan Strutt, just before the sun set in Shoreditch, North London


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