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It’s Not Too Late- Miss South West London Shows Why…

Since¬†UK Model Folios discovered blonde bombshell Margarita Nazarenko and encouraged her to enter the Miss London 2011 contest, it was no real surprise to see her phenomenal journey since…


After Margarita, sponsored by promotions agency, Front UK came second in the Miss London final to supermodel-esque Rissikat Bade, she was handpicked by Miss England to participate in their semi-finals and run for the title once more. Winning a place there she will now represent Miss South West London in the Miss England grand final on July 19th 2011.

To maximise Margarita’s chances of winning, she is determined for the Miss England judges and the world to see her in her best light, and so after detox and some hardcore fitness training Margarita is looking in the best shape of her life, and feels amazing. The only thing left for her now is to update her portfolio so she has something to represent her properly on her profile on the Miss England website and during promotions for the competition. The last time Margarita updated her portfolio was over a year ago, so in her own words it needs ‘an overhaul’, and who better to help but her very good friend UK Model Folios?

Shoot producer and director Fay, co-styled Margarita’s shoot to create something commercial, high-end and sassy using inspiration from campaigns for Agent Provocateur and Marks and Spencers. Combining pieces from highstreet favourite Topshop with a classic blazer from Dolce & Gabanna, alongside stunning hair and make-up from celebrity stylist Krystle Gohel, Margarita looked every inch the born star she is.

Fay believed it was important for Margarita’s shoot to reflect her energetic and sensual side, whilst maintaining her sophistication and natural beauty, and she sure chose thought right as an overwhelmed Margarita chose a whopping 109 shots for her portfolio! Noteably she’ll have to filter this down for fear of boring the client but it proves how far UK Model Folios go to ensure your true beauty is reflected in the picture and moreover, how pleasing it is when you love what you see.

Margarita left our London studio yesterday ecstatic with the outcome of her day and judging by the shots below (specifically chosen for the Miss England competition) we can see why- best of luck Miss South West London, we know you are going to go very far!