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Shoot of the Week: October 2012

Shoot of the Week goes to model Hollie Dowding because she wasn’t afraid to try something new…

Hollie Dowding Commercial Photoshoot with UK Model Folios

It’s daunting for anyone stepping away from their comfort zone and for Hollie, a model that has always been used to shooting lingerie or pin-up , this week’s shoot was a challenge, not because she wasn’t capable but because of her own demons of whether her look was right.

Hollie is a loyal client to UK Model Folios and always comes to us to seek advice and update her portfolio- it was our absolute pleasure to help her conquer her fear of stepping out in to the commercial modelling world and try something a little more edgy and grunge.

We hope you like the transformation because we LOVE it!





Hollie Dowding previously modelling and featured in Nuts Magazine

MAXIM- Hollie Dowding Feature

Not to brag but have you seen our stunning shoot with uber hot model Hollie Dowding on MAXIM shot by Alan Strutt?

That is all





We are extremely excited about our recent collaboration with MAXIM UK. The huge brand with a subscription base of 750,00 in the UK alone have chosen UK Model Folios to shoot their main page articles after working with them on Miss England’s Best Beach Body. The four lucky newcomer models Rissikat Bade, Jessica Linley, Naomi Young and Hollie Dowding were co-selected by the MAXIM Editor and UK Model Folios to be the first in showcasing our amazing photographic opportunity and will follow the likes of Megan Fox, Nicole Scherzinger and Eva Mendesto who have also appeared on MAXIM.

MAXIM UK were ecstatic when Alan Strutt agreed to shoot the models for UK Model Folios and as expected he did not disappoint. A great friend of UKMF, Miss London 2011 Rissikat said about her MAXIM shoot, ‘I was so excited when I was told I was one of the four lucky ladies to shoot with Alan Strutt for MAXIM. The atmosphere in UKModelFolios studio was as always very relaxing and happy. It was amazing to work with Alan again, as well as shooting with the beautiful pageant girls, Naomi Young and Jessica Linley. The Harlett lingerie, which was provided for the shoot, was stunning and I just can’t wait to see the results.’

A special thanks goes to Harlette Lingerie, another exciting collaboration of ours- we have recently linked up with Harlette to shoot the stunning TV personality and model Melissa Reeves 2012 calendar wearing the exquisite Harlette garments. We were also ecstatic when they agreed to lend their sought-after and very luxurious pieces for the MAXIM shoot and as expected, the models were blown away by the elegant yet tres sexy lingerie- even the Maxim Editor himself commented on the one-off Harlette peacock lingerie set saying, ‘hot knickers, very hot!’

Another special mention and appreciation goes to the fabulous Sandstorm Boutique– we completely heart their fabulous swimwear and after using many of their super-hot pieces in Thailand just had to use them for MAXIM too.

The articles will be published on various occasions over the few months starting with stunning model, Hollie Dowding. Keep watching to read and see our work in action!