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Anna Fowler Phenomenon

Anna Fowler came on board the UK Model Folios ship in July 2010- after spotting her images of the actress Emma Rigby we knew she could bring something different to our table. Back then she was reinventing a style, which had lost its way- making women look beautiful for them, as oppose to what others find beautiful. Her biggest transformations have been that of glamour models, whereby she has stripped away the typical ‘Nuts’ poses and styling to produce classic beauties with a high-end fashion look.

It’s been great to watch Anna grow as a photographer in both style and adventure. She has found her niche and creates the most beautiful images time and time again, having that true photographer nack that enables you to make the client look the best that she can in a photograph.

The thing people may miss, unless obviously indicated in a photograph is a story behind it- the following images are of those UK Model Folios clients shot by Anna that really stand out to me as falling in to that category. The sweet, shy pageant girl wanting to break in to modelling but not too sure whether she has what it takes, the heroine that escaped a life of domestic abuse, the fiesty Russian hotty with an insecure interior and the glamour model wanting to say it’s not just my body that is beautiful. Looking at the pictures I wonder if you’ll be able to decipher which story applies to which picture? The beauty is probably not and that’s what makes a great portfolio image.

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