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Behind-the-Scenes At Miss England 2011, Birmingham NEC


The Miss England 2011 finals are almost here, just one day away. Today sixty stunning finalists gathered at the Birmingham NEC to rehearse for what is the biggest event in the pageant world and UK Model Folios were there to capture it all exclusively to share with you.

This year UK Model Folios have been offered the opportunity to offer their services independently at the Miss England finals capturing those ‘what really goes on behind-the-scenes?’ shots and professional portraits of the ladies in That infamous evening gown. We advance our thanks to our amazing photographers Roy Strutt, Costas Constantinou and Antony Michael for their photography skills and support of UK Model Folios, and of course this event.

Today we wanted to share with you a quick glimpse of what happened at the rehearsals for the Eco Round- the opportunity for finalists to showcase their bespoke creations from recyclable materials. The rehearsals give them an opportunity to learn choreography and strut their stuff on the catwalk to a panel of highly credible judges who tomorrow evening will have the extremely difficult task of choosing the lady who will represent England for the year ahead and at Miss World 2011, which even more exciting for us Brits will be held in London.

Check out just a few of our shots below snapped by the fabulous photographer Roy Strutt and come back tomorrow for the result and first-hand shots of what happened at Miss England 2011!










Baby, Toddler and Family Location Shoots with Roy Strutt

Roy Strutt has recently joined the UK Model Folios family to specialise in extravagant portraiture for babies, toddlers and families. A specialist in wedding photography, Roy discovered his love for location shooting with families during ceremonies and wedding receptions. He loves the thrill of seeing a parent’s face after he captures the love between them and their child- it really is something quite special.

UK Model Folios offer studio shoots, which are great for starting a baby/ toddler portfolio i.e. for clean background shots etc, however as a more bespoke service for those families wanting something a little different and more memorable we are now offering location shoots, specifically shot in either your own or Roy’s luxurious Essex home. We find the pictures produced in a familiar and relaxing atmosphere where a child can play normally with toys or pet their animals, are the best.

On Friday 17th, Roy shot my two year old nephew Frankie-James. Teething, just woken up and a little disorientated I witnessed first-hand how little people can be far more unreliable when it comes to adjusting to the camera straightaway, however thanks to Roy’s calming, patient and kind nature, offering Frankie lots of toys and animals to play with he gradually came out of his shell and we were able to capture some of the following beautiful and truly memorable shots for my families walls.


For more information on booking a baby, toddler or family shoot with Roy please contact us



Check out the fabulous Jenny Kim on the cover of promoting her debut 2011 calendar shot by the infamous Julia Underwood

If you want to be like Jenny contact us now or via our website




Available now exclusively to UK Model Folios Joby Rawlins test days. A huge opportunity for models to shoot their folios at a massive saving of almost £1000! For more info and to book your slot contact us now xxx



Exciting news from UK Model Folios: The amazing Damien Morley is offering exclusive test packages to models for just £75! The day will include a photoshoot with Damien, aswell as guidance and advice from him on your folio, plus your hair and make-up done by a celebrity stylist, one retouched image included, and the opportunity to have the images sold to UK and national publications. What more could you ask for?!

To book your slot email us now


It’s very difficult to choose between Photographers and their style, particularly when UK Model Folios have such an array of super-talented Photographers to offer, but with the impact of edgy fashion and the need to stand out dictating our motto today, the fabulous Julia Underwood and Yolanda Kingdon come out on top every time.

Take a few minutes to browse these lovely ladies recent photoshoot editions and to book a portfolio shoot with either, or to make general enquiries about the sensational UK Model Folios, please drop us an email at



Phamous Models do UK Model Folios (interview stylee)

Where were you born?

South-East London, UK

Who inspires you to be successful?

My partner, family and working Mothers. I think that women who earn their own money (legitimately), but still manage to deal with the day-to-day running of a household and maintain a loving family, should be admired. I always want to be a main contributor to my family and make them proud.

How would you describe yourself in three words?

Hard-working, caring and motivated

What is your role at UK Model Folios? And Celebrity Publicity?

I am the Director and Founder of UKMF. I work with my colleagues to develop it everyday by sourcing customers and delivering them the best service with an outcome of a fabulous model portfolio, plus the necessary after-care to begin/ develop a modelling career. I believe that team work is vital and every individual has skills to contribute to a project- no one should be overlooked.

Celebrity Publicity is my other company. It has been active for coming on three years (this year) and covers a variety of areas across the media spectrum, including magazine editorial, retouching, merchandising and model promotion. I am very privileged to be a part of Celebrity Publicity and work with the clients that I do.

Where is your company headquarters?

North London, UK

How long have you been in business?

One year

What separates you from your competitors? What makes your services unique?

In terms of our distinct advantages over other companies:

  • We have the contacts that can help a model find the best agent and get their images published to generate revenue on our own syndication catalogue.
  • Our team has worked with the best of the best in the industry; just the fact the renowned Celebrity Photographer, Alan Strutt is one of our in-house Photographers speaks volumes for the type of individual we attract, and moreover the service we can provide.
  • Our prices are very competitive- we do not believe in ripping models off or giving them false hope. I believe what we do for our clients steps way beyond producing a fabulous portfolio for them; we show them how to use the product to their best advantage too.

What’s the difference between American models and European models?

In comparison to the US, Europe has far more scope to be experimental with the type of model they feature. Across a multi-cultural Europe, we have a selection of looks, races and ethnic backgrounds that attracts a larger variety of people. Take the glamour industry for example- Europe allows topless images to be shown in daily newspapers and in everyday magazines, whereas the US has a much stricter view, limiting usage of topless/ implied naked imagery to ‘top shelf’ or online. As glamour embodies an every day part of our European lives, a larger variety of women could potentially become models, whereas in America, the limited glamour titles means the type of model they will feature is rather specific. Therefore, American models tend to physically conform to the stereotype of ‘a Playboy bunny’ e.g. blonde hair and breast implants, whereas European models can afford to expand on their natural assets and remain truer to what they are.

What clients have you worked with? Which client was the most pleasing?

With Celebrity Publicity I have the opportunity to work with tonnes of Celebrities, high-profile models and huge brands, but my favourites are the ‘normal’ people I work with every day because they’re the ones with the talent that makes the magic happen. I would say UK Model Folios is even more fulfilling because we get to experience talent as it starts and use our knowledge to help them. It is very rewarding to see the happiness on a model’s face after s/he comes to a shoot feeling nervous and unsure of how to pose infront of the camera, but with help and reassurance from our team, they turn around and produce amazing pictures that they can be proud of. As a company we are always looking to recruit new team members such as stylists, hair and make-up artists and particularly photographers. As I’m still only young myself (23) I believe in the ability of young professionals. I frequently commission University graduates or new-emerging Photographers because they have great ideas and an enthusiasm that sometimes disappears once people become established in the industry. It’s great to watch everyone come together as a team and produce different styles and ideas.

As for actual clients, I have definitely been in some surreal positions where I’ve randomly chatted to Simon Cowell about my favourite Leona Lewis song, or stood at the bar with Take That discussing their re-found success while The Scissor Sisters drunkenly grab me to join in dancing with them, but it doesn’t phase me. That is surprising because prior to becoming a Publicist I was completely obsessed by anyone remotely ‘celeb’, but now I just view them as anyone else. That’s not to say if Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie walked in to the room I wouldn’t stare, but I would never ask for their autograph or a picture. That’s just not me. I’d prefer we become friends and then maybe they can grab a snapshot of the three of us *haha*! I find nothing more cringing than people who go out for an evening and ask to have a photo done with some random Big Brother nobody and then plaster it all over Facebook! I’m more famous than they are!

If you could go anywhere in the world for a weekend, where would you go?

Las Vegas. There’s something about it that looks unreal and completely debauched. If I were to go there, I would get dressed up in the sexiest  ‘Bond Girl-esque’ evening gowns every night and stand behind my man while he gambles thousands of dollars. I could only hack it for a weekend though, after that I think I’d need real life again or even a beautiful, untouched beach in Asia.

Describe the “fashion lifestyle” in the UK.

Summed up, today’s UK fashion is about getting a bargain, saving money and having fun doing it.

What I love about the UK now, particularly where I’m based in London is that anything goes. Sure you still walk down the street and see someone wearing something that just isn’t ‘normal’ and think “what is she wearing?” But that’s the fun.

Music is still a huge factor in influencing an individual’s style, but it’s not as easy to categorise people as it used to be. Nowadays, people can dress ‘punky’ or verging on ‘gothic’ to look trendy, and yet still fit in at an electro club.

In terms of a style, the buzzword is ‘vintage’.When I was a teenager growing up, if you were to set foot in a second-hand shop or buy anything from a ‘flee-market’ you’d be considered poor and dirty, but now it’s fashionable and chic. Whether it be the 50’s starlet (think Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe), the 70’s Mods, the 80’s ‘Blondie’ or 90’s raver that rocks your boat, the UK youth culture gets stuck in to every nook and cranny and replicates it through their own interpretation. Like anything though, now the highstreet has taken over the once individual and quirky, is beginning to look ‘samey’ and boring so back to the charity shop we go!

As for a UK lifestyle, our focus still relies heavily upon working to achieve the finer things in life. But as the recession showed, our problem lies with that proportion of Brits who want to live like a rock star, without earning the money to afford the lifestyle! However, with the influence the media has on our lives nowadays, it is no surprise at times we give in to our weaker sides and live life beyond our means for that faster car or to drink in the coolest bars.

Interview by Michael D. Morris on Fay L. Bacon